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Bartley family of churches

About BFOC

‍Kingdom Community Church is part of the extended family in the Bartley Family of Churches (BFOC). BFOC comprises four churches: Bartley Christian Church, Brighton Community Church, RiverLife Church, and Kingdom Community Church. 

BFOC is self-governing like a nuclear family. Our leaders and staff intentionally build authentic and familial relationships with BFOC leaders and staff. This way, our members get modeling on how spiritual parents walk together. Our young have the added assurance of being part of a larger extended family. Kingdom Community Church is interdependent in that we can seek help and counsel from our extended family and are blessed with prayer covering. We draw encouragement from one another as well as the voluntary sharing of resources.

Who is BFOC

‍We are more than an affiliation to a shared history and heritage. It is ‘Bartley’ family of churches because Bartley Christian Church was the genesis of these churches. Bartley Christian Church planted RiverLife Church. Brighton Community Church came out from Bartley, whilst Kingdom Community Church originated from RiverLife Church.

We are an extended family of churches espousing the authentic, relational qualities of a Christ-centered, loving family. We seek to grow deeper and stronger as BFOC leaders intentionally build familial relationships with one another.

We draw strength in this interdependent family. We are blessed with the prayer covering of an extended family. We can seek help from trusted family in the collective counsel of other senior leaders and we can enjoy the voluntary sharing of resources.

Through BFOC, we demonstrate to church members and our next generation the way to lovingly walk together beyond our respective congregations in Bartley Christian Church, Brighton Community Church, RiverLife Church and Kingdom Community Church.

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