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Remain. Abide. Savour.

Need a bible reading plan? Learn new ways to engage with the bible.

Embark on an abiding, and transformative experience with suggestions of Bible reading plans, and devotional tools designed for believers at every stage of their journey. 

📋 Structured Reading Plans:
We suggest 3 Bi
ble plans that will bring you through the New Testament and/or Old Testament. Whether you are starting your journey to read the Bible daily, or hungry to read more of God’s word every day, there is a plan to suit your preferences. 

🗓️ Build a Habit:
Starting a new habit of daily devotional time with God can be daunting. We suggest that you take small steps for just 15 minutes every day. 

❤‍🔥 Enrich Your Devotional Life:
Learn new ways to engage with the Living Word! Be guided on how to develop a closer relationship with God by praying and reflecting on His words.

💡Tip: If you fall behind, jump back in! If you miss breakfast and lunch, you will surely not miss your dinner! 

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