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Like a wedding ring to a marriage, membership in the church is an outward sign of the inward mutual commitment we have made with each other and the Lord. This commitment helps to define our role and the intention of our heart. As members, we join together for God’s glory and our mutual benefit; we share the responsibilities and rewards of all that God will accomplish through us. 

If you wish to join our next membership class, leave your name with us and we'll contact you!

Date: 27 July (Saturday)
Time: 10am-2pm 

Thanks for submitting your interest! We will contact you about our next membership class that will be organised.


You should attend this class if you...

  • Consider KCC to be your local church and desire to be faithful in participating in the body life of this church

  • Desire to live in mutual submission with other believers, and be under the spiritual leadership of the pastors and leaders

  • Want to be refreshed in knowing your identity as a local church member, and say yes to pursuing what God would lay on your heart as part of this community

Q: How do I know if I'm already a member? 
You can check with Kathy our administrator at

Q. What will I learn in this class? Learn about our history, mission, our doctrine and practices, core values, ministry strategy and structure, and what it means to be a member of our church. Ps Vincent will also share our current priorities this season.

Q. Is there a minimum length of time I need to attend KCC before I can join as a member?
No. However, you will need to be a baptised believer.

Q. I am still new and exploring KCC, can I join the class to find out more? You are welcome to attend!  After attending, you can prayerfully decide if you want to become a member of KCC.

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